Lifelines for Felines, Inc.

Our Team

John Nikolai, the founder and director of this rescue, is a photographer and artist who once taught at MIT and worked at CBGB simultaneously. He began rescuing homeless cats in October, 2017 when he discovered many were being killed by a serial poisoner in a rough neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles. It was there that he met Linda, a homeless woman living in her car with her cat and two dogs, who told him about a nearby auto graveyard where homeless cats were having babies in and under wrecked cars that dated back to the 1950s.

With Linda's help, he began rescuing the cats and kittens, obtaining medical attention for the sick and injured, sterilizations for the adults, and hospice care for the terminally ill. From the inception of the rescue organization, John has worked ceaselessly to place adoptable cats and kittens into permanent, loving homes. Several musicians from the original L.A. punk scene became involved, adopting the cats and playing benefit concerts, and the "rescue disorganization," Punks For Pussies was formed. Getting more organized, it became a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity in 2020, under the name of Lifelines For Felines, Inc.

Having grown up a littermate in a pack of miscellaneous non-human critters, it was instinctual that Stephanie Babcock would dedicate her life to animal welfare. As a Registered Veterinary Technician, Stephanie is the medical advisor for our organization. (Feel free to reach out to her for veterinary advice, but if it's urgent, head for your closest vet instead of waiting for her to email you back, of course!) Stephanie is the head nurse at California Animal Rescue Emergency Services and fierce Mama Lion to 9 cats, 5 dogs, 7 hens, a pond-full of koi, and a revolving door of patients and fosters.

Hi! My name is Delia Inman, I grew up in Hollywood CA (very near to DTLA), and now live in the South Bay. I am a proud owner of 3 kitty cats; Lucca, Chaco, and Olive. I have always loved all furry friends and as of recently I have really found a passion in advocating for them in any way I can. Punks for Pussies/Lifelines for Felines is the first non-profit I have the honor of being a part of, and I am beyond excited to be able to help in making a difference for all the kittens/cats around DTLA.

Cheyne Inman is a realtor and runner in Southern California. He is married to Delia Inman and together they have adopted 3 cats, Chaco, Lucca, and most recently Olive, a homeless kitten found in downtown LA.

Hi, I'm Lynne Sherer. I met John Nikolai when we were both young punks working for the Ohio U newspaper who bonded over a shared love of the Ramones and the Damned. Decades later our shared love for cats and devotion to animal welfare and rescue rekindled our friendship and led to my involvement in Punks for Pussies. I've been supporting John and his amazing rescue efforts since he moved out to L.A. and began feeding, then rescuing and saving the lives of the cats in the auto graveyard. I couldn't be more proud and honored to be a part of his mission.

I live in Arizona with my husband, son, and five cats: Fuzz, Izzy, Scooby, Rocky and Beanie. I've been a vegetarian and animal rights advocate since 1990 and have volunteered with many shelters and animal rescues. I currently volunteer with a small, local cat rescue in Chandler, AZ as well as supporting LFF/PFP with all my heart and soul!

Heidi Kolkovich became involved with the rescue when she met John Nikolai at the dentist office one day. Her request to foster one kitten resulted in her fostering four brothers and she just completely fell in love with rescue work. She is currently only 18 but she hopes to do this for as long as she can and maybe eventually take over running the rescue.

Kyra Schon, a lifelong animal lover, became involved with Lifelines for Felines, Inc. when John Nikolai flew from L.A. to Pennsylvania to visit his mother. His traveling companion on that trip was a tiny, tortie girl born in a bathtub eight weeks prior, who would be delivered to a new life with Kyra. John and Kyra met in New Columbia, PA (which Kyra has renamed "New Kitten, PA"), for the tortie transfer. Kyra named the kitten "Kismet," because she joined the family on the first anniversary of her dear Tuxedo cat, Dimitri's, passing.

Kyra and Kismet live in South Central Pennsylvania with Elly May, Tortie Queen of All She Surveys, and chickens Alice, Edna, and Tilly.